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Appliances in North America operate on 110-120 volts (AC) electricity while most of the world operates on 220-240 volts (AC). This is why to use your 110-120 volt appliance while traveling overseas you need to convert foreign 220-240 volt electricity to match your 110-120 volt appliance's voltage requirement and vice versa.

To use your appliances overseas you will need to convert foreign 220-240 volt electricity to match the requirements of your 110-120 volt appliance. A voltage converter is made for this purpose. A second item called an adaptor plug allows you to plug your device or converter into the foreign socket. Failure to operate a 110-120 volts AC appliance in a country that uses 220-240 volts AC could severely damage or destroy your appliance.

Most travel appliances can be operated overseas with a combination 50 watt/1600 watt converter. These converters will accommodate the needs of most travelers. You can find converters or appliances built to be compatible with the "220 Volts 50 HZ" European standards here.

These converters may be used with battery chargers, calculators, camcorders, curling irons, electric shavers, oral Hygiene devices, portable tape/CD players, or Radios. The 1600 watt, typically designed for use ONLY with 110-120 volt non-electronic heating appliances rated up to a maximum 1600 watts, may be used with some beverage heaters, clothes steamers, coffee makers, electric blankets, hair dryers, hair roller sets, heating pads, hot plates, incandescent lamps, irons or other small appliances but be sure to consult the instructions provided with your appliance to ensure safe use. Dual voltage appliances are readily available as well. Most commonly hair dryers, curling irons, steamer irons, regular irons, and beverage heaters can be found that will have a voltage selector switch. Multi-voltage appliances will not have the selector switch but will show the input voltage as 100-240V. Check the owner's manual or the appliance to determine the input voltage and wattage.

If you are looking to operate electronic equipment or large appliances such as Refrigerators, Freezer, Microwave Ovens, Washers, Dryers, other kitchen appliances, Computers, Medical Equipment, Power Tools, Stereo Systems or any permanently installed electrical equipment then you must use a heavy duty transformer or purchase the appliance with a 110-220 volt transformer already installed. You can find many 110-220 volt appliances at 110220volt.com.

220 Volt Appliances

TIP: Multiplying the input voltage by the amperage rating will find the wattage rating. Volts x Amps = Watts or 120V x 0.5 A = 60W


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