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American Appliances in Europe and the World

American major house appliances can be used internationally and will operate on any voltage overseas as long as the compatibility requirements are met. Many non-American countries use power supplies that range from 220 volts to 240 volts at 50 Hz to 60 Hz. Appliances such as 220 Volts 50 HZ Air  Conditioners, 220 Volts 50 HZ Freezer, 220 Volts 50 HZ Microwave Ovens, 220 Volts 50 HZ Refrigerator, 220 Volts 50 HZ Washers and Dryers, are a few examples of what exists.

Power Converters/Adapters, for worldwide use, can convert any voltage ranging from 110-240 volts 50/60 hz. This includes converting 110 volt appliances to 220 volts.

Foreign Plug, Phone, & Power Adapters are not always necessary. Some companies specifically build or rebuild American 110 Volt appliances to work with European 220 Volt power supplies. You can visit our directory to see listings of 220 Volt appliance dealers or visit our recommended dealer, 110 220 Volts .com.

If you already have an appliance that you would like to use outside of America, adaptor plugs allow you to actually plug your appliance and/or electricity converter into the foreign socket. In order to use your appliance, simply plug the appliance into the voltage converter. Plug the adaptor plug into the voltage converter and then plug the other end of the adaptor plug into the foreign socket. If the appliance is dual voltage or multi voltage simply use the adaptor plug to plug the appliance into the foreign socket.

To determine the correct model voltage converter or heavy duty transformer you need, you must know the voltage and wattage requirements of your appliance. You can find this information listed on the appliance manufacturer's label located on the back or bottom of the appliance or in the specifications section of the appliance owner's manual. The label or manual will show the input voltage (100, 120, 220, 240 written as: 120 volts, 120V, 120 volts AC, or 120VAC), the wattage (100 watts or 100W), or the amperage (0.5 Amps or 0.5A or 500mA).

Voltage converters and North American appliances will not operate on DC (Direct Current)! Read all instructions and always check the appliance you plan to use with a converter for voltage requirement, wattage rating, and type. Be sure the appliance is operating properly before you leave.

Important! European shaver sockets: These outlets are only for use with low wattage appliances such as electric shavers, battery chargers, etc. Do not use a hair dryer or other high wattage appliance with the outlet, even with a converter. It may blow the main fuse or circuit breaker and may damage your converter or appliance.

If you have any questions about 220 Volt Washers, dryers, or about any 220 volt Kitchen or home appliance please contact us. We are here to help answer and to help you find the perfect 220 volt appliance.

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