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220 Volt Freezers

We bring you the best in 220 Volt freezer product information. We've taken the research out of finding the best freezers that meet the overseas standard of 220 Volts and 50 Hz. If you would like to ship a chest style, upright style or an 220 Volt Ice cube maker overseas then look at the products below.

Freezer Size Style Store
Ice Cube Maker 220 Volts 10kg storage 2000 ice cubes/day
Freezer 220 Volts 5 Cubic Feet Chest
Freezer/Cooler 220 Volts 8 Cubic Feet Chest
Freezer/Cooler 220 Volts 12 Cubic Feet Upright
Freezer/Cooler 220 Volts 19 Cubic Feet Chest

These top of the line 220 volt freezer units can easily fit into most rooms. With these freezers being 220 volts you can feel confident that freezers will function properly when shipped from the United States to Europe or most other countries that use the 220 volts 50 hz standard.

If you have any questions about 220 Volt freezers or about any 220 volt Kitchen or home appliance please contact us. We are here to help answer and to help you find the perfect 220 volt freezer.

220 volt freezer



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